Sweet spots pricing points

Raise your hand if you think our bike prices feels over inflated. I have argued many time with friends that $1000 would be a more reasonable approach to a frameset price. I mean sure, you are paying for all the taxes and rnd and so on and so on but it just feels slightly steep at around $3000 for most high end frames. Maybe living in Australia doens’t help that case but yeah. I forsee the future to have more and more cheaper frames. Seems like salsa is living in the future then….

Behold the spearfish. $999 usd *which will prolly be like $1800 aud once it arrives even though our dollar is almost 1:1*. IMO a very very sweet point in frame pricing. Looks decent too 🙂 Jarod? Interested? It is metal. It is 29er. It is designed to eat up the miles like dirt work races and plus it is a single pivot 😛

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2 responses to “Sweet spots pricing points

  1. stewozandmiss

    hey jing, it’s stew. I am totally going to get this frame. Even with shipping, it’ll probably be cheaper to buy direct or even bring one back as hand luggage…

  2. Yeah they’re nice, but I’m not sure they’re for me. I’ll at least wait til I’ve ready some internet reviews.

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