Frantic rush

Yesterday night was shopping night for the scott 24hr. Damn it was rushed but we still managed to fit in some good ol banter and food.

First a visit to miss saigon as the boys were hungry. We waited the longest i have ever waited for pho at this place and it was just agnoising. After Trieu had a word with one of the guys in his home language we finished our food and moved onwards to coles.

Try and pick out what we purchased. Keep in mind 1/4 of the cart was unloaded and on the counter already. Edit :: now i look at the picture it seems like we purchased nothing at all apart from pasta!!! WTH

I was interrupted from shopping by Eddie for a special CRC express delivery though and spotted this.

Once shopping was done the guys were still unsatisfied with the crappy pho so they ordered a pizza. I kept hearing calzone but i kept thinking it sounded like cow-zone or cows own. From now on i shall call this pizza cow-zone/cows own. It is basically a pizza but folded up. It contained approx 1 bottle of msg and salt. It was that savoury.

As i type this Timmy is already on his way down and most likely have past pheasents nest. Hopefully he picks up a good spot next to TBSM. We shall be heading down at around 7pm from Trieu’s place!

Wish us luck and hopefully i will take many pics to report and reflect on once i am back!


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One response to “Frantic rush

  1. Ley

    Good luck!! Ruv uuu~ cowzone must be near paizone next to puffzone heehee :]

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