Interesting points from Scott 24hr

  • Camping isn’t really for me.
  • Was amusing morphing our bodies around certain rocks on our camping ground. I feel i know that piece of the ground so well now.
  • The loo was insanely disgusting. Every time i visit one i feel as violated as getting raped.
  • Some people are just insane. No amount of training will put you in the same class as them. NADA.
  • Some people are very nice to chat to whilst riding 🙂
  • I need to push myself more instead of sitting behind people contently. It is a race god damn it!!!! Yell out track as soon as you see them Jing instead of following them up a mountain before saying track.
  • Riding at dusk and dawn is pretty damn trippy and cool.
  • Sweating and then getting cold in the sleeping bag before sweating some more is disgusting. Putting on wet thermal layers and then waiting in the cold cold Canberra night takes the mental strength of a champion.
  • Canberra’s weather is so royally effed up.
  • There are some nasty people in the mtb community. The kind that yells, come on hurry up faggots, my grandma’s faster than you! Poor dudes that was riding in front of him.
  • Driving to Canberra is too long.
  • Tbsm was located on the crit track which is shaped like a dick and if you were sucking it and tickling the fanny it would be the left testicle.
  • Pain is only temporary. But oh the pain when you are experiencing it.
  • Our hobby/sport is effed up but good too. The number of people saying this in the transition area was unsurprisingly massive.
  • 2011 x9 stuff looks bloody amazing. Matt black cranks? Yes pls. Who needs xtr? Ok, i do but WHO ELSE NEEDS XTR!? 😛
  • edit :: So glad i am not riding a hardtail.

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