Back on the trainer and looking back

In order to not waste any of the effort i have put in over the last months or so i jumped right back on the trainer yesterday. In trying to gauge how i feel on the trainer at a certain gear combination/resistance setting i decided that i feel much the same. Same as in pre-race.

So i guess at one point i asked myself. Has the training really helped? Kinda yes and no.

1. My muscles are definitely capable of more stress now and hence why i didn’t cramp

2. I don’t think i am used to that atm because i don’t quite know how much i can push until i cramp so it is hard for me to try and push myself. Plus i have an issue with pushing myself 100% due to various other reasons too.

3. I would be stupid to expect a huge difference within 1.5 months.

I do reckon however that i am at the stage where i have to step up the intensity of the training because the work on the trainer seem to be getting easier and easier. I mean it is still tedious and sweat inducing but it feels easier than it once was.


On another topic have you ever realised that you were always chasing and chasing and chasing but never enjoying what you have chased up to? You find one rider in front and you chase them but when you pass them you proceed chasing the next rider? I think all of us is guilty of that.

I will be the first to admit i am not happy with my lap times at the Scott. I see plenty of event reports in the scott 24hr thread where people explain/justify why a lap time was what it is using plenty of reasons like nutrition, late transition, mechanicals and etc I myself is 100% guilty of that but i feel it is the result of our competitiveness rather than us making excuses. I know some people reading those event reports might think that people like us are just justifying but i know now that it isn’t. I would liken it more to a progress report and a review of how you did at the event and what your weaknesses are. Instead of thinking of it as whinging and making excuses i reckon it is a mental note written on the interweb about what we could potentially do in our next race to be better.

So i hope if people are reading my blog and maybe others out there to not think that we are all making excuses when we say stuff like “Oh i think i could have gotten a better lap time if i massaged my legs more” or “My lap time should better with a faster transition”. We are simply trying to jot down our mental notes on possible improvements for our next event!

Whilst waiting for Clifton at the transition area i had 1hr of my time to look at the LED display which noted each individual lappers time as they came in. I noticed a whole heap of 1:20 and 1:30s and sometimes a sub 1:10 time. When i saw this i was reminded to have a long look behind me and see how far i have come. I recommend you guys to do the same because i am sure you have achieved so much more than you would have ever imagined from when you have started doing what you love.



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