Stupid lucky draw dips

Ever signed up your email for some luck with a freebies but never hear from them ever again? What’s up with that? Gives you the feeling that it is all a sham. I would like at least some notice to tell me that i have failed in winning that awesome bike i am eyeing. Has anyone actually won anything from those kinds of competitions previously?


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One response to “Stupid lucky draw dips

  1. ley

    ive won a couple of things online here n there. obviously more expensive prizes (like bikes) r harder to win… lol! the reason why u dont get notified is because the agency/company behind it does not want to blast out another email to all the ppl who did not win. which effectively is a v common action. these email blasts actually cost money per email send – which as u can imagine would be a LOT of emails/entries. n plus their ultimate goal was data acquisition which they have achieved anyway… lol :]

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