Power ranger toy that costs $50

Recently i noticed that some athletes promote and use bracelets which increase your supposed balance and your natural chi and all that stuff. Of course i was smiling in about 2 seconds but something inside me still asked the question. Does it work? Obviously 99% of me says it is a sham but 1% of me is curious.

Just so you all know. These are the bracelets in question.

Looks like a power ranger toy right? These aren’t the only ones though. These ones specifically target athletes but there are similar ones that target better filtration of your blood and a better flow of your blood for your average Joe. Sounds more and more like a marketing exercise right? From what i know they simply have a piece of magnet in them which interacts with your bodies ions or something like that. So why am i even 1% curious you ask now?

Willow Koerber’s blog was interesting for one.

“I found out by default that two Power/Balance bracelets are not better than one.  I crashed 3 times in the weekend, and when I got home fell off the stairs.  I took one bracelet off and all of a sudden was standing much steadier. …”

Why would she write something like this? Pure marketing? Placebo effects? Actually works? Again any individual would think that it is pure marketing and placebo effects but i am sure others will take it as religion as long as their fave “idol” says it works. Everybody in life is looking for shortcuts. Whether it is that shortcut to your parents place or winning the lottery. Minimal effort and maximum gain is what we fantasize about. I think this bracelet is just another one of these shortcuts. Still though sometimes i fantasize about wearing a “cheating” device like this and then suddenly being able to ride like a pro. Yes, writing that down made me realise how stupid this is.

Willow, if you are reading this, can you please do a test for me? Can you please get power/balance to make you a fake bracelet which is completely plastic *ie nothing special*. Every morning you can put on a blind fold and choose one out of the two and see if you feel any different?


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