What’s on your desk?

1. Dell FP2407 24″ Lcd monitor – Purchased this bout 4 years back now. Still going strong. Kicks many of the cheaper monitors in terms of clarity. I do think 24″ is the best size for a desktop monitor. Anything bigger and you will either be moving away from the monitor or turning your head side to side.

2. Logitech G15 keyboard – Way over the top keyboard. Nice media short cut keys. Lcd screen mostly goes unused.

3. Logitech G5 mouse – Great mouse. Weight tuning cartridges lets you get the ideal feel you want. Good enough for me. Makes the apple mouse feel like it takes samples every 5 seconds.

4. Logitech Z230 speakers – THX capable speakers. Basically the best 2.1 speakers you can buy for your money made for computers. If you want better you need to go to audiophil equip. Not recommended in apartments.

5. Garmin edge 500 – I don’t use this device properly. I also don’t charge this device as much as i should.

6. Sony cybershot of some kind – Inferior to Canon ixus in pretty much every way. Sometimes it does surprise me with the odd good shot.

7. Sennheiser HD570 Symphony headphones – Awesome awesome headphones. Purchased em about 10 years back and had the cables break once. Good thing about high-end headphones is everything is replaceable. Ear cups, straps, lines, grills. The cable has broken again so i placed my order for another one. $20 later i will get another couple of years out of em hopefully! Best purchase on my desk.

8. Ley’s iphone – Leeching usb charging from my comp which is off. My new comp has gigabytes on-off charge tech which allows power flow even when computer is off. The usb terminals are also capable of delivering more power than standard usb terminals which allows quick charge like ac power points. Handy.

9. Generic Memory stick duo card reader – Purchased from overseas in Shanghai.

10. Memory sticks duo – 1GB and 2GB cards.

11. Harmon Kardon soundsticks – Pretty decent in itself but trades looks for sound quality. If the logitech z230 gets 9/10 this gets around 8/10.

12. Tissue box with miffy cover – Damn japanese people and their smaller tissue boxes!

13. Keys – do i really need to explain?


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