Yesterday night’s ride

Yesterday i packed up the bike and gear and headed over to Ley’s place. Since they live right next to homebush park i organised for a ride to happen whilst she visited her parents. Clifton turned up and we tried to keep it above 30kms at all times. We did fall short a few times due to blind corners and traffic lights but on the whole our speed was sitting i think comfortably around 32-33k. We did about 22km’s worth of this which is around 4 loops before Cliffy had to leave.

Seems like my legs are a little sore from the previous days but what’s new these days. Something about riding in the real world which is noticeably different then on the trainer. I noticed 140 heart rate on the trainer is very different to 140 on the road. It might be something to do with the wind or maybe the ability to coast and the varying terrain but 140 heart rate on the road is much easier than on the trainer. Once it gets to around 160 though it is just all pain either way.

In other news, friend just sent me this and i had to share. So hot.


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