Ben hur

Last night Ley and i attended Ben hur “the stadium spectacular” along with Ley’s boss/s. I am afraid to say that there is not going to be much positivity flowing in this post from this moment onwards.

Ben hur is a stage production which promises to be the biggest Australia has ever seen. It might very well have being the biggest but after yesterday nights performance i am not so sure if being the biggest is the BEST. The story of Ben hur is legendary, his life engrossing and his exploits undeniable. Ben hur the stage production however is much less than all of that.

When Ley asked me to accompany her my first reactions was “this might not go down too well” so i wasn’t exactly bursting at the seems with excitement. After figuring out that we were given diamond tickets *$300 each – top of the line tickets* the asian in me said yes. That and i wanted her to be happy.

Still i approached the whole thing with caution and after seeing the first scene with all the soldiers across the stadium i knew this was as good as it is going to get.

Watching Ben hur is like watching normal tv but with 1 frame every 5 minutes. Because they have to move props on and off for different scenes, you are left with waiting music *think elevator music but in the theme of star wars but with Roman influences* in between everything and that disconnects things greatly. The story line sucked too. It was more like a summary rather than a story. The main actors/actresses sucked too. I have seen more realistic emotions from those two voices that does all the asian voice overs for the hollywood films *Yes, they do all the movies from rocky to the wedding crasher all in the same voice*.

When the horses came out i was equally unimpressed. Yay, we have running horses! Just go to the Easter show for that! You might even be able to touch the horses and smell it’s fresh crap. Hell you can go to appin for that! I do have to commend one of the chariot guys for hitting the apex on the circuit though. That was cool.

When the show finished people were left confused as to whether they should clap or not and it was one of the most akward finishes i have ever witnessed. I felt bad for the actors/actresses! Thank god though that i didn’t pay $300 for these tickets. Thank god.

Ben hur the stadium spectacular = fail


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4 responses to “Ben hur

  1. ley

    thanks for coming n doing it for me :] admit it was somewhat disappointing but nonetheless, the horses were good to watch! hehe

  2. Stadiums are for concerts and footy games…..hahah

    Was it like watching an Olympic opening ceremony without the Pre&Post ceremony excitements?

  3. awesome, i don’t feel so bad that we missed out now 😀

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