I bet this article was written by a SSer

Albeit a very humorous one!


Check these out lol

2 Stay dirty

Ever experience unexpected shortness of breath or early fatigue when you’re out on a ride? If you’ve ruled out asthma, heart disease or immune system failures, new research suggests showering too often could cause the symptoms.

Yes, research from the University of Colorado at Boulder has found that showerheads could be spraying us with harmful bacteria (called Mycobacterium avium) that can be inhaled into the lungs, causing tiredness, weakness and breathlessness. Best stay dirty then. If your friends, family or colleagues complain about the smell then just let them know it’s for health

5 Drink Guinness

Yes, Guinness really is good for you, report researchers from the American Heart Association in Orlando, Florida. They say that the antioxidant compounds found in the alcoholic drink can help slow down the build-up of harmful cholesterol in your arteries and are similar to those in fruit and vegetables. This means they’re good for your heart and consequently beneficial to your overall health and cycling performance. Have you had your five a day?



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