Jail broken

Yesterday i decided to jail break my iphone 4 and i am so glad i did. Now i have apps coming out of my ass and i doubt i will have enough time to play all the games that is on it. Not only that it makes the iphone a heaps load more useful as i have a couple of photography programmes which i am learning to love! I do however hate the general itunes interface and the confusion that goes along with syncing iphones over multitudes of different computers with different apps installed on it.

Iphone games are also strangely addictive. Gone are the days where mobile phone gaming is something that you would only revert to in extreme circumstances. Some of the games rival proper game console grade quality and playability!

I am currently hooked on Trainyard. Good little game that requires a little thinking in the late stages.


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2 responses to “Jail broken

  1. Get Hiptsamatic NOW if you haven’t ready done so….

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