Have you ever ordered food only to be disappointed when the serving portions arrive? Have you consequently finished that same meal and felt that it was actually the right amount? Happens to me all the time. Take yesterdays pho night for example. I ordered a regular bowl of pho and instantly regretted it. Once i finished the actual pho though i was pretty damn full. Normally i would order the bigger portion just to feel “safe” in knowing that i have enough food to fill me up but in actual fact it is way too much. The problem here is i would then proceed to try and finish all of it for the sake of not wasting and consequently feeling crap due to bloating.

I find judging how much food is enough to be a pretty damn hard task. Sure, we never really think of it too much because it isn’t exactly a life threatening choice, but i often wonder *especially after eating too much* why we haven’t paid more attention to it. I can potentially save money and feel better after meals. Writing this post has made me realise that i should spend a little bit more time in considering my choices at a restaurant before ordering half the menu. Don’t just get two burgers from hungry jacks because Clifton is on his 3rd :p

Edit :: as i type this i have just realised the crappy feeling i am feeling is from eating to much pizza for lunch. DAMN IT!

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One response to “Greedy

  1. relax, jing, it’s called being hungry! LOL. at the same time, your stomach shrinks while your eyes grow 😯

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