My linkages

Thought i would write a quick concise summary to the individuals i link to on the right –>

Bloggles – Jess’s blog. Not updated nearly enough now days!! *take the hint lol*
Felix Alim –  Felix’s blog. Same as above.
Jarod and Liz – Jarod and Liz’s blog. Should be titled Bikes, cats and cakes. Often littered with great photos featuring the much loved Train.
Lordonone – Bmu members blog that doesn’t post much on Bmu any more. Filled with news and information on 29er bikes although it doesn’t seem to be getting new content 😦
Motordriven – Matt Mead’s blog. A lot of awesome photos and not a lot of words. If you need a wedding photographer give him a bell! He should also write up a book about the recent diet he has went through. I reckon people would pay good money for that.
MWG – Another Matt. Fittest dad i know. Always interesting content which has a strong bias towards bikes. Have come a long way since the days of his first forays into mtbing with the Scott Aspect. Ahhh the memories.
Nonebutim – Timmy’s blog. Getting more and more pron posted up and getting increasingly weird. Timmy’s a young dude that is out to find a “hot girlfriend” just so he can tell others “my girlfriend is hot”. Nah but seriously good guy that’s slightly different to your typical asian.
Spamventdocument – Justin Fox’s blog. Currently a fish blog with a smattering of daily life posts. Will convert to a car/bike blog any moment now. *cross’s fingers* Founder of JDMST and BMU and various pron sites around the net.


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5 responses to “My linkages

  1. I just started a tumblr. =)…. I think I’ll dedicate that to any fascinating photos i find.

  2. hahah write a book, i suck at writing, hence hardly any words on my blog.

    Thanks for the link dude.

  3. Just updated my blog again!

    Thanks for the link.

  4. Haven’t found much time for posting recently…that and blogger was becoming a real pain to use. I still check out your blog though Jing!

  5. aww, thanks for the mention!!! i’m getting back into it now, i sweeeear! lol, glad to see you’ve been keeping up with yours! 😀

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