Pro’s garmin data

Always wanted to see pro’s garmin MTB data and i found this a couple months ago. Roel Paulissen of ex Cannondale team. Unfortuantely he was found out to be doping and was subsequently dropped by Cannondale. His site is great with more content then you could poke a stick at. Be sure to check out his photos/videos/Garmin data! Very rare for a pro to put all of this on the web for obvious reasons. Consequently if you guys find more pros like himself that does share info please let me know!

Looks like his still training even though his in limbo space atm *lying low after doping issues* and i hope he comes back and races clean. I do honestly believe that a lot of racers have tried EPO but only a few gets caught and he was one of those. When you are so high up the ladder it becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate yourself with others. 1 or 2 psi of tyre pressure is nothing for us but it is everything for these racers. I could easily imagine a situation where racers know that a lot of their competition uses EPO’s and have no choice but to start using it themselves to equal out the competition. Sad but true.

I don’t think the issue with EPO will ever get sorted as where there is a way, humans will always try and find a shortcut. That has being programmed into our evolutionary genes! So when i hear a racer has EPOed i try not to react in that “he should die” kinda way but rather just understand that we might not have the full scope of the story and that he is after all just a human being striving to achieve his best.

Anyways, back to Roel, check out his website here. 1700m elevation changes are an every ride afair for him :p


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