5 the final choice

BMC Team Machine SLR01

The BMC Team Machine has always stood out to me. BMC is an interesting company in that they don’t really do any low end bikes. Well they do * because you gotta stay alive somehow* but a lot of their bikes are racing focused. You only have to look at the bmc racing team to notice that they are always on different bikes. Different courses and different riders would be on different bikes even on the same day.

Bigger riders are known to choose the pro machine/race master for their sheer stiffness and power transfer whilst lighter riders or mountain stages would involve team machines. Basically the team machine is the favoured bike for riders that has a slightly smaller physique or when the courses points up. From my research it has being said that the team machine is an all rounder in that it does everything well and offers a combination of these attributes like no other. The frame features their TCC tech which is short for tuned compliance concept. I love this as it both makes sense and is a marvel to look at on the frame itself.

As you might know different weaves of carbon or layup pattern can course it to react differently. Basically what BMC has done is to use a softer/springier carbon at key points to improve comfort on the frame whilst still retaining pure power transfer.

It will be a long while till it is ready but this is what i envision mine will look like. Complete with photoshopping edit :p


#2 Where was this taken?

10 points if you can tell me exactly which restaurant served this fine plate of tomato rice and chicken.

Ok you guys are having some trouble so i am going to make it easier. It is located in the city near central.

EDIT :: OMFG KEVIN GOT IT. WOW. All the other responses was like. WOW tomato rice, never seen that before! Come on guys, how many places serve tomato rice chicken like that!?

Multiple choice

These are the qualities i am after in a wheelset.

a) Light enough to not hinder climbing. ie sub 1500.
b) Aero to help me slightly with riding faster on the flats.
c) Metal rims if possible so i can at least stop. Roadie brakes are scary enough as is.
d) Appearance wise metal rims look crap and obviously adds more weight too.
e) I am picky on this build and don’t want to use shimano wheelsets on say a sram/campy build.
f) Would be great if decals are removable aka Reynolds.
g) Ceramic bearings if possible.
h) Quick turn around time.

As you can see my wishes are pretty much impossible. They contradict each other like nothing else but if anything you have to be quite specific about wheels. After all it is what makes the bike goes round and round?



First time at our new place actually. Pretty fun! Ley’s friends are cooking up a treat.



is dieting. Clifton is dieting. Jarod is dieting. Matt is dieting. They all look skinnier too. This morning seeing Jarod instantly made me think that somehow parts of his face was missing. Not the kind of missing that was like “holy crap, wth did you do to your face”, but rather “hmmm he looks slightly skinnier” kinda missing. In keeping up with the general trend of the ride i will have to take a stab at Trieu here and say that he looked the same. No skinnier than before.

So we met up at 630am which was i think the earliest i have ever done for a regular sunday ride. Straight away the boys dropped into the RnP and found a nice 125m climb to warm up on. It seemed like there was no shortage of cyclists in RnP and i reckon we easily out number cars 2:1 if not more! After a little while another guy on a trek cruised by and we talked to him for a while. Dropping into the “valley” which leads to the climb out to waterfall we were greeted by a “flock” of cyclists from cheeky monkey. I had a nice perve on their fleet of s3’s on zipps and we headed on wards toward stanwell park. The climb was a lot easier this time and it caught me out when i found the glorious day light shining through signalling the end of the gradual climb.

We rested for a little here and ate some snacks and then headed back down the same road. On the way back we decided to take the waterfall climb out due to time constraints but knew it would still provide a good dose of pain. 200M and a few minutes later we were heading home on the princess hwy under the massively hot sun.

Basically a great ride with great company once again and with promises for many more similar rides in the future over the xmas break! Well done to Trieu/Matt/Jarod. Those hills weren’t easy and i reckon every time i ride with boys they get faster and faster.

Gold moment for me was Trieu’s comment said to the two female roadies that looked appropriately feminine in their pink gear/bike. The girls rode past, no doubt having just enjoyed the decline that we are going up when Trieu said something along the lines of “you guys look good!”. The subsequent sound that came out of the girls mouth audibly sounded like “errk” but i translated it to be in between “eww” and “pervert”.  I wish i videoed that moment but i think i would be classified as a pervert too by those girls.

Here is a pic of Jarod and Trieu surviving the waterfall climb. See, Jarod looks skinnier right?


This was on the short list for a little while but giant frames are actually quite hard to purchase separately. Non-the-less i am not really a subscriber to colnago, pinerallo boutique brands so i would have no qualms with owning a giant road bike like this. I had a look at the geo and it looked a bit weird for myself. That and the ISP is i think a complication.

Still i think it is one of the best modern looking roadie frames out there.

Edit :: does the roadies amongst you know which handlebars are best for using brakes whilst in the drops? A lot of the ergo bars with shallow drops makes it pretty damn hard to use the brakes in the drops.

Cycling tips

This is what my blog wants to be when it grows up. Unfortunately i dont think it will ever get to their level. Just some awesome stuff. Make sure you check it out!



As i walked into the study yesterday i found a copy of GT5 awaiting me thanks to my wonderful GF. In many ways i feel like GT5 is a metaphor for my car build. It keeps getting delayed and delayed and delayed. To true fashion though it still beats my car build  😦

The game is highly polished in terms of production value *I have watched movies from hollywood with lesser production values*. The graphics is out of this world and i can tell you now that it is going to be the time suck of time suckers. So hard to juggle the limited hours i have in my life to two awesome games now. Still, life could be worse.

Bite size update

My dog is feeling much better. Managed to find all sorts of different cream to help her. Animal fly repellent, anaesthetic rub (to numb that itchiness so she doesn’t keep shaking her head) and some ear cleaner solution. I applied some last night and again this morning and will keep doing it until her condition betters. She’s looking certainly a lot more cheery this morning!


Not all bike shops ship stuff in printed boxes. This one was from germany. Pretty interesting choice of boxes. Managed to make an order for two friends and completely thought Ley purchased some new china. In the order were espicially hard to acquire 2011 x-king in race sport format in 2.4 sizing. Oh, that and the new 2011 xtr pedal in race and trail flavour. Just in time for majura and bmu weekend.


I am surprised i am still tempted by tubulars. Tubular tyres are glued straight onto the rim and as such the tyre houses the tube in its own casing. The advantages of this is lower weight *a lot lower*, a more supple ride and higher grip levels. The disadvantage *and this is a freaking massive disadvantage* is that if you puncture you are deaded. Ok, writing this down makes me question why i even thought about tubular. I guess it has its allures but the one negative point is way too big! I don’t want to be gluing tyres out in the middle of RnP in the rain! Does glue even work on tubulars in the rain?!