What’s new?

Nothings new. I decided on saturday night to call off the sunday ride. There is setting a challenge and then there is stupidity. After taking on board some advice i decided it was in my best interest to call it off. Even now as i type my muscles are still severely weakened. I hope it will all heal up quickly so i can go mtbing again. So fun. Currently the wound has just stopped weeping and i guess as soon as a scab forms i will resume training. Right now i don’t even want sweat to form on my arms just in case there is any infections.

Do i feel bad missing out on training and awesome rides? Yes. That is something i kinda knew when i set myself the goal. Do i think it can be avoided? Nope. Not if i want to recover and ride hard again asap. Besides, wounds are so good compared to broken bones. Bones > flesh in terms of value. That is for sure!

Here is one part of the graze i got. This part is already dry and scabby so i am happy about that 🙂 Look’s like i got attacked by some animal though.

With Sunday free, Ley and I headed out to the new Pitt st westfields and had a wander. Marketed as pretty much the top end westfields in Sydney it has a range of pretty high end stores. Many of the greatly anticipated ones like Zara and Christina labtaouf or watever it is has not being opened yet though so currently nothing excites Ley too much *thank god*.

The centre is actually pretty small and feels very glassy and polished and the overall vibe i got was very chic *expensive*. There was a huge amount of people there since it opened last Thursday so it was all too hard to navigate around but given some time i think it will die down a little more in terms of foot traffic. Of course befitting to a high end shopping mall the food choices were also gourmet. More so than any other food court you will see. Plenty of import brands to lighten your wallet and impress your partners.

Interestingly for the first time in my whole life i ordered myself a burrito. I always thought burritos were just kebabs with different things in it so i didn’t think i was missing out on too much. The one i had wasn’t all that good though so i think if push came to shove i would just get myself a lamb/chicken kebab with tabouli and bbq/garlic sauce.

Best part of sunday? Spending it with my stunning gf *i swear she gets prettier and prettier*. Worst part of the day? Missing out on the epic sunday ride 😦


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3 responses to “What’s new?

  1. ley

    awwww thx hun ❤ i enjoyed it v much with u like everyday :] p.s. its christian louboutin xx close enough! hehe

  2. lol at Felix!!!!

    It’s ok Jing, you guys are cute.

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