What makes a friend? What is a good friend and just a normal friend? What is best friends? Everyone in their minds subconsciously or consciously have levels of friends but when i look into my own head i can’t say i do. Whilst a few names might pop up higher than others i try and push those names down along with the rest of the group. I find it hard to socially grade people based on my experience with them and like to think of everyone that i get along with as simply friends. Not car friends, bike friends, high school friends, family friends. Just friends.

As long as i am having a good laugh with people then i pretty much consider them to be friends. A few people have previously questioned whether my concept of friends is a little too “loose” and honestly i have thought about it over the past few years plenty. All i can come back to is if you feel comfy with those people then they are as good of a friend as any. All i have learnt so far is some friends stick around longer than others and that is awesome but the most important part is to enjoy the time you have with various friends as you are spending it with them.

As i write this i am still quite confused with what is the socially accepted norm for friend classifications but i reckon i am definitely outside of the social norm in this regard and maybe that is a good thing *for me any ways*.



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