Is this….maccas french fries i ordered???

So yesterday at a relatively higher end restaurant i managed to order myself some maccas french fries. It was of course not listed as maccas french fries but as Ley and I started munching on them it dawned on us that we could not for the life of us separate the difference between the french fries we were served and maccas french fries. They tasted 100% the same. The only difference is the price tag. A whopping $8.

Thank god the rest of the food was of pretty decent quality.

PS :: maccas fries is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee especially when they make a fresh batch.


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3 responses to “Is this….maccas french fries i ordered???

  1. Maccas/KFC chips with extra salt are the best after a long bike ride.

    Discussion over.

  2. wheeeeere did you get these? … So I know to wait to go to maccas afterwards! lol

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