Thought process through this mornings ride

Oh the clouds look pretty menacing -> Oh its only a little drizzle -> Its getting heavier -> Oh its stopping -> No its not -> Oh god please let it stop -> Holy crap i am wet -> Wow i have a puddle in my crotch -> this is $@%*#! -> Hey this is pretty fun -> Brakes do not work in the rain when you are descending at 60km/h -> Wow i am so wet i can hardly see out of my glasses -> Everytime i stand up and pedal i hear a squelch of water in my shoes

Yesterday night i decided to ride the royal natio again. This time aiming for 1000m of elevation. Maybe it was to do with sunday’s lack of riding but i felt like punishing myself. I did a quick calculation mixing data from my scout ride and gong ride and realised that if i ride from loftus oval to stanwell i should hit around 500m of elevation. From there i would double back and that should hopefully net me 1000m. I reached this target but i also didn’t. Garmin says i didn’t but using logical sense tells me i did.

You see towards the 500m elevation mark i checked my garmin and noticed that i have being climbing 500m and descending 522m. I turned back at this point because obviously an out and back would see me climbing 522m give or take on the way back. That should safely make it over the 1000m mark. Except on my garmin my total ride registered at 880m. Then i had a think back and remembered there was a good period of time where my garmin did not update ascent data and i think i lost most of the elevation there. Once i uploaded the data on garmin’s site i then used elevation correction function to which it showed me with a more appropriate 1094m.

The ride was wet but it was also fun. All my senses were engaged and not just in that save yourself you are going to die kinda way. Pitter patter of rain drops hitting my skin. The overall green hue of my surroundings. Tyres cutting through the water on the ground making that distinctive sound. Glasses slightly foggy and completely covered with rain drops. The sound of my forced breathing. The feel of being somewhere so peaceful, so far away.

I think i earnt my rest for tomorrow 🙂

Here is the Garmin data.


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One response to “Thought process through this mornings ride

  1. I need to hit this up, would be perfect for trainning, not super long but lots of elevation

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