A little while back i gathered some data and filled out the competitive cyclists fit tool and this is what i got back.

Inseam:                74
Trunk:                 64
Forearm:               35
Arm:                   57
Thigh:                 58
Lower Leg:             52
Sternal Notch:         140
Total Body Height:     170

The Competitive Fit (cm)
Seat tube range c-c:   47.9 – 48.4
Seat tube range c-t:   49.4 – 49.9
Top tube length:       53.0 – 53.4
Stem Length:           10.6 – 11.2
BB-Saddle Position:    63.1 – 65.1
Saddle-Handlebar:      50.2 – 50.8
Saddle Setback:        2.5 – 2.9

The Eddy Fit (cm)
Seat tube range c-c:   49.1 – 49.6
Seat tube range c-t:   50.6 – 51.1
Top tube length:       53.0 – 53.4
Stem Length:           9.5 – 10.1
BB-Saddle Position:    62.3 – 64.3
Saddle-Handlebar:      51.0 – 51.6
Saddle Setback:        3.7 – 4.1

The French Fit (cm)
Seat tube range c-c:   50.8 – 51.3
Seat tube range c-t:   52.3 – 52.8
Top tube length:       54.2 – 54.6
Stem Length:           9.7 – 10.3
BB-Saddle Position:    60.6 – 62.6
Saddle-Handlebar:      52.7 – 53.3
Saddle Setback:        3.2 – 3.6

Just yesterday after a long time away from looking at the geo on my Fuji i realised that i am riding a 54.5cm top tube length. This is definitely a larger than average size for my height but when i purchased it i went along the lines of the french fit guide. How does this work? How can a bigger size be actually more comfy? The logic was in the headtube length. Headtube length governs how much of a drop you have from your saddle to your bars. A longer headtube = less drop. The idea behind the french fit is to go up a size in frames to get that extra headtube length and hence a more neutral position without a massive drop. Does the concept work? Well, i don’t know. I haven’t had the chance to sample other smaller sized frames so i have no idea how it would play out.

My crank is also on the longer side as they just feel not as comfy to spin as compared to my mtbs which run 170mm. The best way to explain it is it feels like my legs is extended too much at a certain part of the crank revolution. Usually when the crank is at 9 o clock and 3 o clock.

These are the two things id like to address the most. When the rides are shorter than 50km/s you rarely notice these issues but when the rides get longer and longer you definitely feel it. What i might do is borrow a smaller bike and see if i can feel the differences in terms of fit. From the cc fit though it is pretty universally known that i should be on a top tubed frame of around 53cm or so.


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