Another 1000m ride

Funny how aims and benchmarks fades quickly once you have reached it. The first 1000m elevation ride i did which was last Monday compelled me to write a long entry and reflect on my experiences. I didn’t have any of those feelings once i completed another 1000m of climbing this Sunday though. I remembered reaching 1000m’s and thinking meh. I dont know if this is a good or bad.

We climbed and we descended and i enjoyed just generally riding on an awesome road. I think i like climbing. As much as i can like it whilst suffering anyway. I try not to look at the next climb as the bane of my existence but rather something to look forward to. Weird i know but it works! Overall the ride was good, it would have been more fun with a lot of other people but i will take Clifton if i have to :p jk

I am 100% sure though that doing a ride like this every week will greatly increase riding skills for whoever. After this weekends Majura scouting and next weekends BMU weekend I am going to be organising a ride into RnP again. This time with more people so it will be more interesting.

You can check the route and details of the ride here. Generally easier 1000m ride compared to my first one due to the fact that 1. i wasnt crap all wet 2. we stopped at places 3. the climbing was stretched across a longer period of time 4. my hr is 120 something average compared to 140 something.

Such awesome weather though. Such awesome weather. If i could bottle weather, i would bottle Sunday up and use it again on an important day.


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