Bite size update

My dog is feeling much better. Managed to find all sorts of different cream to help her. Animal fly repellent, anaesthetic rub (to numb that itchiness so she doesn’t keep shaking her head) and some ear cleaner solution. I applied some last night and again this morning and will keep doing it until her condition betters. She’s looking certainly a lot more cheery this morning!


Not all bike shops ship stuff in printed boxes. This one was from germany. Pretty interesting choice of boxes. Managed to make an order for two friends and completely thought Ley purchased some new china. In the order were espicially hard to acquire 2011 x-king in race sport format in 2.4 sizing. Oh, that and the new 2011 xtr pedal in race and trail flavour. Just in time for majura and bmu weekend.


I am surprised i am still tempted by tubulars. Tubular tyres are glued straight onto the rim and as such the tyre houses the tube in its own casing. The advantages of this is lower weight *a lot lower*, a more supple ride and higher grip levels. The disadvantage *and this is a freaking massive disadvantage* is that if you puncture you are deaded. Ok, writing this down makes me question why i even thought about tubular. I guess it has its allures but the one negative point is way too big! I don’t want to be gluing tyres out in the middle of RnP in the rain! Does glue even work on tubulars in the rain?!


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