5 the final choice

BMC Team Machine SLR01

The BMC Team Machine has always stood out to me. BMC is an interesting company in that they don’t really do any low end bikes. Well they do * because you gotta stay alive somehow* but a lot of their bikes are racing focused. You only have to look at the bmc racing team to notice that they are always on different bikes. Different courses and different riders would be on different bikes even on the same day.

Bigger riders are known to choose the pro machine/race master for their sheer stiffness and power transfer whilst lighter riders or mountain stages would involve team machines. Basically the team machine is the favoured bike for riders that has a slightly smaller physique or when the courses points up. From my research it has being said that the team machine is an all rounder in that it does everything well and offers a combination of these attributes like no other. The frame features their TCC tech which is short for tuned compliance concept. I love this as it both makes sense and is a marvel to look at on the frame itself.

As you might know different weaves of carbon or layup pattern can course it to react differently. Basically what BMC has done is to use a softer/springier carbon at key points to improve comfort on the frame whilst still retaining pure power transfer.

It will be a long while till it is ready but this is what i envision mine will look like. Complete with photoshopping edit :p


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