Canberra tomorrow

can anyone say woot?



I feel fat after all this food but apparently my body fat scale tells me i have dropped from 13.4 or something % body fat to 11.8%. I don’t mind that at all 🙂


You know how on your bills you have a graph depicting your monthly usage? Well, i wonder how much of a spike this house sees on their bills?

Edit :: oh you know how you have being seeing those flakey white pixels falling on my blog? They fit perfectly with this picture HAHAHA

Flexible holidays = no

I get the same 2 weeks off every year. Because i run my own business it is very hard to take time off in-between. Unless utterly necessary i usually cannot “apply for leave” and just set out and travel. This is further aggravated by the fact that the 2 weeks of holiday i have tend to coincide with holiday rip off season. Tix to Japan came up today at $200 a pop. I wish i can go but i know it is hard to pull time out. What to do, what to do.

Funnily enough people say all the time “well it’s your own business you have the freedom” but really in actual fact it might differ from that in reality. So i guess in some ways your own business provides freedom but in other ways lacks freedom.

Merry Xmas

Hope everyone gets the present they were wanting and not some extra pairs of socks :p


have a guess

how light this bike is. I will give you a clue. It is stupid light.


Eb as in Emily Batty and not eb games. There is no denying that she is certainly garnering more media presence for a left field sport *left field compared to all the other major sports* and that is a good thing. I can’t understand why she is getting all this attention though. Nope not at all… *sarcastic*

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Mindreader kev

Someone’s not gonna be happy

Yummy lobster

My cute micra that i used to track