Going compact

I never considered compact crank previously but the more i think about the way i ride the more it makes sense. There are two reasons for this.

1. I noticed that during most rides i spend a fair bit of time towards the upper half of my rear cassette. When the chain is on the “big big” combo it generates a pretty awful chain line. In fact i didn’t realise how crap the chain line was until i picked up the bike one night and looked straight down. I knew the modern drivetrain could handle it but in my mind i knew it wasn’t the most optimal already. The straighter the chain the better.

2. I noticed when riding more hilly stuff that i would often shift down to the 39 ring but then have to shift up when i get to the top of the climb. Not a big issue but still ultra annoying when it comes to multiple hills.

So basically with the promise of a better chain line and less shifting between the front two rings i decided to try out compact gearing. Hopefully this will allow me to stay in the big ring for all that much longer and provide a better chain line as a result of using smaller cogs at the back. Gearing is a funny thing though and i would only know once i have ridden it a little. Once i have done exactly that i will report back and see if compact gearing was a better solution for myself.


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