First up some humour and then some deep thoughts

Saw this in my email today and laughed a little. So true.

I especially love Cadel and Andy’s pets LOL

Now for something a little more serious. It was brought to my attention that a well established blog had written a piece that basically was a rant piece. You can have a read of it here if you have not read it yourself. It was a funny read but it was also a very real rant. You can tell the author is quite passionate about the subject and he genuinely believes in the idea that

1. Some people have way too much gear for their own good

2. Lbs are getting screwed over

The two riders he used as an example obviously falls within the extremes of what his talking about and hence why they are easy to make fun of and why you can relate to the authors point of view. However it doesn’t explain how the article effects everyone else that uses or utilises mail order service. In the article he starts off being angry with the riders themselves but it leads to a rant about how people are not supporting their lbs and i feel this is where it goes off tangent a little.

Sure you can rant on people that have acted in ways that have pissed you off but you stop at those people alone. There are many people that do order stuff from online shops and yet still have a great relationship with lbs’s and to those people the article is a bit of a blow to the head. I personally order stuff from online shops but try to maintain a good relationship with my lbs. When i go in for some service the shop usually offers to do it for free but i always try my best to pay them. Even if it is $10 or $20 i feel that their effort and expertise and time is worth that small sum of money. Maybe the author should in the future consider that not all people that utilises crc/pbk/wiggle are like the ones which he has detailed in his post.

edit :: some are actually arguing that there is nothing wrong with those two people that his ranting about too.

At the end of the day i reckon it was a great blog post. Any blog post which speaks so honestly and passionately is a great one imo and i honestly would love to see more of them. Any post that brings up a valid point and can be discussed by the community is a worthwhile one.


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