Honda jazz

Not as infallible as you might think. I am going to post this here because i dont want to taint the jazz appreciation thread but this morning, my jazz was sent to rick damelian for a warranty job. I was thinking they would take like 1 week but to my surprise the car is already ready! Yay

Turns out the window regulator was faulty. Replaced under warranty with no charge. That is always something i look forward to hearing 🙂 Because of this though i used public transport again this morning and i think the general consensus is to occupy yourself if you use public transport. That is a lot of time wasted if you don’t have anything to do during those times. It took me a bit over 1.5hrs to get home from Petersham. I was so nub i got lost in the underground central subway platform network. Ahhhh, how i DO NOT envy public transport users.

One more trip tomorrow morning and back to the comfort of my trusty Jazz.


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One response to “Honda jazz

  1. ley

    great photo hun! xxx

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