Excited over X-mas break

It seems like this year has crept up on many of us pretty damn quickly. Before i can even react i am looking at shutting the shop for the xmas break and it is sinking in that i will have 2 weeks to myself soon!

I have crap loads of riding planned but i also have to balance it with family life. I think it will be a pretty exciting/happy xmas as long as the weather stays nice and i apply plenty of sunscreen.

On the list of must rides includes the best sydney/canberra has to offer.


I am not sure how i am going to fit all of that in but i will try my best :P. Parents are coming back from overseas tomorrow as well so that will mean less house keeping to worry about more riding time. Yay!

If any of you guys are interested in tagging along please let me know!


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3 responses to “Excited over X-mas break

  1. Give me a shout if you guys are heading out again; the weekend ride was good fun.

  2. Oh I’ll be tagging along. Pending work commitments obviously.

  3. Give me a call whenever dude!

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