Mini bike night

Jarod messaged me at work yesterday and asked me when i was going to go over to install the bar tape. I instantly replied with “tonight” and plans was set in motion for me to visit him that night. On the list of things to do were

Installing brake cables

Installing chain

Wrapping bartape

I am happy to report that all of that was done and nothing went wrong unlike typical bike nights. Jarod set about doing his stuff and before i knew it the brakes were connected. He then started wrapping bar tape and i thought i could see a little sweat beading on his forehead but after a few revolutions he was in his element and that was completed perfectly fine too. The only real “scare” of the night came when Jarod’s chain tool bent itself but a chain tool from a portable tool kit solved it quickly. Many tips were learnt and overall i was just chuffed to see my bike become more of a bike by the end of the night. Jarod even broke out a vernier caliper to get both sides of the bartape ending in the same spot! I know i have a vernier caliper sitting at home for a reason too and after yesterday night i am going to dig it out pronto.

As if that wasn’t awesome enough i was also offered a helping of liz’s desserts. Pavlova with home made chocolate moouse/mouse/muuse *however u spell it* ontop. I loveeeeeeeeee chocolate moouse/mouse/muuse. It was awesome. Watching Jarod working on my bike whilst i eat the Pavlova is what all bike nights should be like 😛 It was a little surreal as i have seen various items blogged on their site previously but to actually see it IRL was different. Of special mention was Train. I walked in and i saw her perched on her stand/stool/scratching post? She looked well mannered and i wondered what all the fuss was about. I stuck out my fist preparing for the worst but she simply sniffed me a few times and then walked around me. I thought to myself, what a nice cat. Can’t see what Jarod and Liz is on about. They must be mean or something.

On my way out though i was a little more adventrous and not heeding Jarod’s previous advice of “don’t touch her” i poked Train lightly. She instantly got worked up and did a 10 hit combo on me. Ahhh right, i see now. Everything lives up to what their blog describes in the end. So the scratch you see below is puny but it was more the surprise of it all that caught me out lol.

Secretly i feel a little honoured to have being scratched by Train, to have eaten Liz’s dessert and to have my bike worked on by Jarod whilst i laugh around. Thanks for having me over Jarod and Liz!

PS :: Awesome gf i have. Came home and there was a smoked salmon baguette waiting for me. Never mind she dropped my bike before i even sat on it. All worth it.


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2 responses to “Mini bike night

  1. stewozandmiss

    hey, your chain rings slightly elliptical in the pic? Are you running Di2????

    nice looking ride!

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