What can i say? I loved it.

Ley booked us in for an session at imax 3d and i am so glad i watched it on the “BIG” screen.

The story line was a little erratic but that isn’t really what this movie is about. It is more about the immersion of your two primary senses, vision and oral, and immerse it does. The soundtrack is perfect. Daft punk is about as close of a match to the movie as it will get on planet earth. From the first moment the overture started my skin was a complete mess riddled with goosebumps. Holy crap it was good. I have being listening to the soundtrack on its own for awhile and it is impressive by itself. However paired with the movie it is amazingly fitting. Always a good testament to good soundtrack choice. Visual wise i like lighty up ledish stuff. Tron has a lot of that. It was no brainer that i would be fond of “the grid” setting. To be honest they could have just given me the soundtrack and led stuff and then made a movie about plants growing and i would still watch it.

If you like lighty up stuff like me and like electronic music with big fat beats go and book yourself into a session. Most likely the last must see movie of 2010!


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2 responses to “TRON 3D

  1. lol @ oral !!!

    sounds like i’ll have to see this in the cinemas because my tv speakers just would not be able to handle it!

  2. Crap i meant audio.

    just dont expect the most cohesive story line and you will be fine.

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