Just went around the block on the bmc

I can’t clip in? LOL I don’t know if i fuxored up my cleat installation or if it was something else. However, even pottering around not clipped in going at around 10-15km/h i can tell that

1. The bike is silky smooth. It really is silky smooth and compliant and comfy. Insanely so. I purposely used the fujis wheels and pumped it up to a similar pressure to what i would normally ride on the fuji and it is easily more comfy by a big margin. It could be the result of the thicker bar tape and the carbon bars but i can tell that the force transmission through the rear end is definitely a huge difference.

2. The bike is pretty light.

3. Di2 seems to shift fine with rotor q-rings.

4. I like the fit! The drop is actually bigger than the fuji but i feel at home on it.

Now to solve that clip in issue so i can apply some power.

EDIT :: took apart the cleats and read some guides. Apparently too much torque on the screws can cause it to clip in retardly. I backed off on the torque and i finally clicked in. It’s still hard but it is getting softer already. So of course i had to go down and lay some power down. It felt good but there is only so much i can tell you when i am riding around the block in my boxers with my sidi’s on. I can’t wait to ride it once it is all ready!


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2 responses to “Just went around the block on the bmc

  1. It took about 2 weeks for my speedplays to ease up so it was easier to clip in. They will ease up, but they always feel tight.

  2. David Choi

    good to see it’s comfy/compliant.. a big plus now that we’re getting old lol.

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