BMC long term tuning plan

Warning :: weight weenie content up ahead. It is much easier to be a weight weenie on a road bike i realised as most of the parts don’t need to with stand the stress that mtb subjects to our equipment. Still, i try to strike a balance between usable and light at all times.


So the bike is pretty much done. All the parts are finalised and installed. Nothing else needs to be done right? Wrong.

There are always ways to improve (and maybe un-improve, yes i know i made that word up). My plan is to update little things along the way. Little little things that most likely wont do much but are relatively fun to fiddle around with and tune. Here is a list of things i have thought of.

1. Powercordz brake system – A new type of cable which is said to be slicker than normal cables. They also weigh a lot ligher than normal cables and is resistant to all forms of stretching. They come in a nice shade of black 🙂 Estimated savings of 30-40g of weight over what i am using atm.

2. Fork compressor and top cap – I have two options here. I can either go for an extralite expander and carbon top cap in which case i will save myself another 30g or so of weight or i can be completely adventurous and go the schlmoke carbon top cap. The schlmoke carbon top cap works like this. Basically you compress your stem using the normal fork expander and once its compressed you tighten your stem. You extract your fork compressor after that and put in the schlmoke top cap like a bar end cap and you are done. Savings of 40g right there. Big nono for mtbing but on a road bike it might be doable. If you crash the bike so far as to move your stem then you might have other things to worry about than an uncompressed headset.

3. Speedplay ward ti spindle – Apparently a weight weenie option with no drawbacks *shock*. Saves you a cool 50g-60g for a relatively cheap *according to weight weenies* amount.

4. Skewers – Still undecided on what to go for but it is fair to say that whatever lightweight skewers i will pick will most likely be half the weight of the ones i am running atm. Trick is to find the following qualities together

looks good/cheap/reliable/still stiff/noise free

Cool saving of at least 60g here.

These changes are all relatively cheap but they can save up to 200g of weight, a significant amount for anyone!

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2 responses to “BMC long term tuning plan

  1. David Choi

    Yes currently going through the same myself. Installed the 100mm 3T ARX LTD to replace the Cannondale C3 stem and saved……………………….. 18g but spent $242.64 but added x100 bling.

    The +/-6 degree rise does let me chop down the fork to save 30g or so without sacrificing fit..

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