Mt Annan

Cliffy and I headed out to Mt Annan yesterday and rode it for the first time. We rode away pretty impressed with the trail and sure that we will be back in the near future. I get asked what the trail is like and it is pretty hard to say. If anything i would say the terrain reminds me of a cross between camden/sparrow hill/yellomundee and it uses the switch backs from stromlo. There is a few corners that doesn’t really flow but most of them work pretty well. The open nature of the trail is quite different and i found the scenery quite nice. Certainly a change. I managed to take a video of the trail but won’t have it ready for viewing until tomorrow.

The difficulty level of this trail is pretty easy. Certainly no tricky parts to worry about. This trail will definitely reward those with good cornering skills. It has much more turns than most other trails that i have ridden. It also manages to feature a lot of said turns on off camber grounds. A rider with superior cornering skills will ride away from others on this trail like no tomorrow.

Come back tomorrow for a pov video of the trail. The first one potentially of the trail from a riders perspective? Was good to get back on the mtb again. Rode pretty rigid for the first lap but loosened up for the last 2 considerably.


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