Flexible holidays = no

I get the same 2 weeks off every year. Because i run my own business it is very hard to take time off in-between. Unless utterly necessary i usually cannot “apply for leave” and just set out and travel. This is further aggravated by the fact that the 2 weeks of holiday i have tend to coincide with holiday rip off season. Tix to Japan came up today at $200 a pop. I wish i can go but i know it is hard to pull time out. What to do, what to do.

Funnily enough people say all the time “well it’s your own business you have the freedom” but really in actual fact it might differ from that in reality. So i guess in some ways your own business provides freedom but in other ways lacks freedom.

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2 responses to “Flexible holidays = no

  1. lleeyy

    Life is what u make of it, my 2 bosses both own their own businesses and they both take time out to travel with loved ones. Sometimes it’s also a bit of compromising, you work hard to make money to enjoy the materials/experiences in life and possibly share them with the ones you love. It also comes down to prioritising and taking a step back to think: “what are you working for?” and finding the balance between work and play – r u enjoying your life as much as you could? Appreciating each day as it comes and making the most of it? Sometimes life is too short to wait around and be hesitating :] think deeply about it… The beauty of having ur own business is also the positive side of the freedom aspect but it’s not really existent if you suffocate yourself with the thought that you are unable to ‘apply for leave’. Remember it is what you make of it – there are no rules in life… Just the ones you make for yourself ;]

  2. Brad

    I think the most important comment Ley makes is “What are you working for?”

    If you enjoy your work so much you dont ‘want’ to take leave then well and good, but if you want holidays and the urge to travel is becoming stonger then go for it mate. You need to do it before you start resenting the business you have built.

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