Initial impressions of X-king 2.4

I changed over from the supersonic race king 2.2’s to the X-king race sport 2.4’s recently and after two varied rides this is my limited first impressions. The bike is slower. No doubt. It isn’t too bad yet and i can still keep up with people on xcish courses like camden but it does require a lot more effort. In a lot of ways this has pitched the bike more towards its intended usage which was my aim in the first place.

Grip wise, it is better than the race kings too *duh*. Body positioning over tech climbs still make the biggest difference in traction control but seated climbing over rough/loose rocks definitely tracks better.

The biggest difference is from the added solidness of the tyre. The race king supersonics previously had an ultra thin sidewall. What this translated into was comfort but also a fair amount of squirm whenever you were applying power/moving aruond on the bike. When you are banging into rocks it feels a little like the rear tyre is twisting *which is exactly what it is doing*. With the new x-kings the rear tyre deforms less sideways and there for feels like it is more solid. The feeling i get from this is a more solid rear end.

Along with a planned 50mm stem *down from 70mm* and the adjustable seat post the mojo is definitely going to transform in feel.


Introducing my new office chair

At least the mechanism. The aim of the seat post is to bring more fun to riding and maybe even a slightly different riding style? Who knows, time will tell!

Pretty intricate details

Remote reservoir

Yes, it will fit on my MOJO! This was primary concern as my mojo doesn’t have the longest amount of exposed seatpost. According to this though it will be perfectly fine! 170mm from middle of saddle rail to collar.

No side to side play at all out of the box. Nicely lubed up and quality cncing inspires durability but eventually i know i will have to service/rebuild the shock. Had a quick read through the manuals and it does not seem hard to do. Before you guys chime in and say a remote model would be better, i have the remote kits coming too. The only problem is the remote kit i have are also a colour kit as well. It changes all that bling red stuff over to black. The only problem i can foresee atm is the red collar. There is no way to exchange that unless you take the whole seat post apart. Probably cant be bothered to do it straight away and will swap it over during routine maintenance or something.

Check out this mice/mouse/rat?

One for the nerds. Almost every part is customisable.

I doubt it will make a huge difference to most peoples gaming experience. Like with anything luxury related it is a case of diminishing gains. Most of the time we choose it because we want it, not because we need it. Personally i reckon the 150 odd dollars is better put towards a SSD 😉

My new weekday morning training route?

Seems like a decent route. Out of weekday morning traffic’s way and not too much red lights i can remember too. Only question is shall i drop in for a coffee at the cafe near kurnell?

Tapering up my training from next week means riding most days. Can’t wait to get to know the bmc intimately!

Back in service

Woke up this morning and decided to sort out all the tyre issues. Put the mojo on the stand and stripped off the rear wheel and went to work. You might have previously noticed a post in regards to new rubber. In that post i stated i was excited with the new race sport line of tyres from continental. Well, i have experience with them now and here is what i think.

My plan was to use co2 canisters to seat the beads on the tyres first before removing the valve cores and injecting sealant in. This way there would be no mess and no fuss. The first rim was the dt swiss xr400. It was paired with a 2.4 X-king race sport and i noticed that it went on relatively easily. Almost too easy for a proper tubeless seat. I used the c02 on that combo and it didn’t succeed in popping the bead. I then took off the yeti’s rear wheel which is a stans no tubes alpine and went on to mate it with a 2.2 X-king race sport using the same co2 canister technique. Fitting this tyre alone made me 95% sure that it would seat first go. Sure enough, one c02 canister and it was set. Perfect.

At this point i thought, Ok, it must be a rim thing. No tubes rims which is tubeless compatible must be why the X-king 2.2’s went on so easily. This however was not the case as the X-king 2.4’s had trouble on the no tubes rims too. It seamed to me that the bead wasn’t as tight and the bigger volume in the tyre must have being the difference between why the 2.2’s seated and why the 2.4’s did not seat.

Since plan 1 failed, i resorted to my tried and true tested method. Squatting at the local servo. I filled up each tyre with 2 scoops of sealant and went to work. After about 10-15 minutes on each tyre and a little bit of leaking, both of them seated. This was certainly a lot faster than some of the other ghetto tubeless tyres i have done but certainly no where near the level of proper ust tyres. The tyres exhibited no leaks on the sidewalls unlike the super sonic race kings and all things point to happy times.

So in summary, race sport is not a tubeless ready bead. It is some what in between ghetto tubeless and proper tubeless. It makes the job a hell-ova easier but it still requires a little bit of coercing. The sidewalls are definitely thicker but the real test will be during riding. Hopefully these wont slash too easily!

A common sight when i have new tyres to install.

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Back to DA crankset

I recently installed the DA crankset on the BMC. The decision was choosen after i realised the rotor q rings were in fact bent. They will be sent back for warranty and after i receive it back i will most likely sell it. I figured it would be wise to scraifice some bling for shimano reliability. Already the front shifting is leaps and bounds above what the rotor is *partially to do with the oval rings and partially to do with the extra stiffness* and i am sure it is one of those fit and forget items. Should stop some of those “mate, your chainring looks bent” comments on rides :p


Just came across this post on a thread where people were discussing the benefits of rigid/suspension *again*. This guy posted this here and i thought it was both humerous and pretty thought invoking.

I locked out the suspension on my car because it makes me a better driver:)

Imagine if we did that though. Just imagine. Having to pick the lines through parramatta rd. HAHA

10 minutes with a niner

You can only ascertain so much in 10 minutes but it certainly helps when its on a very familiar trail.

1. I have being on 3 29er bikes now and the feeling i always get is i am pretty comfy position wise on them. I always feel like i am inside the bike instead of sitting ontop of one. I think it is due to the fact that i am closer to the wheels on a 29er bike. I can get the same feeling on 26er bikes by usually dropping the seatpost to less than optimum height. Makes me feel “inside” the bike too.

2. They have this weird tendency in regards to steering. On a 26er bike i feel like the motion between when you first shift your weight until the point you exit the corner is pretty linear ie you are steering all the way through the corner. On a 29er, it feels like you only need to tip it in. Once you tip it in right it will just follow that arc. Even on a super responsive race 29er rigid the steering is definitely duller than equivalent bikes in 26er range. This is however a good characteristic i reckon if you aren’t 100% xc gods/goddesses.

3. They rolled better when i paid attention to it rolling. I noticed it most when i wasn’t pedalling much at all and just coasting. When i wasn’t paying attention it was unnoticeable.

4. I didn’t really find the 29er bike rolled over things better. However this could most likely be due to the fact the bike is a rigid.

Obviously a very “shallow” list but out of all of them i reckon point 1 is pretty cool. Having that sitting in the bike feeling is cool! I will however be able to recreate that feeling and a little more when i have my dropper posts 🙂


Contador suspended?

What do you guys think? Innocent? Guilty? More importantly what is schleck feeling atm? Relief? Happiness? Karma?

Does anyone think that contador stepped on too many toes *lance armstrong* and this is why this debacle has unfolded?

Further failure

Wake up at 5am to drive to loftus for a 10 minute ride pretty much sums up this mornings affairs for me. For some reason the pressfit bottom bracket adapter decided to eject itself partially after the highway crossing. FML