Din tai fung

Ley and I finally visited Din tai fung. I have being reading Justin’s rambling about them and being shanghainess *i think dumplings pretty much originates from shanghai* i was pretty keen but sus. I mean, i have never ever had good dumplings in Australia ever. Never. It’s not more so to do with the skills of the people making it but rather the materials that is available. The meat and the flour that is used to make them just ain’t the same. No matter how you try it is always different. After 20 odd years of subpar dumplings you can only expect so much. Still, it wasn’t just Justin that was rambling about them. A lot of my other friends also swear by it too.

After ordering an insane amount of stuff we came to the verdict of just OK. It is certainly one of the best dumpling places i have visited in Australia but still pales in comparison to what is available in Shanghai. I have to say i wasn’t completely surprised. If frozen dumplings receive 3/10 and most other restaurant dumplings receive 5/10, i would say Din tai fung dumplings receive 6/10. The best dumplings in shanghai i would most likely rate 10/10 lol. Still, we will be back. It won’t be too often but we will be back from time to time. I am no food person but in regards to dumplings it is naturally easy for me to tell because of the amount of dumplings i have had in my life lol.

For those of you visiting Shanghai, here is a tip for the best dumpling places. There should be a long long line going into the restaurant. The restaurant will all have shared seating and the floor should feel super greasy (greasy enough to trip on if you aren’t careful). The decor should be terrible and seating will be limited. Once you have found a place like that, it is a good bet you are in for some decent dumplings.


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3 responses to “Din tai fung

  1. Kevin

    Haha dirty greasy restaurant FTW!!!

  2. Have you ventured down to Ashfield. There are 3 dumpling shops there, only 2 worth visiting. “Taste of Shanghai” and “New Shanghai”. Both pretty darn good and sometimes damn dirty too.

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