Tyre choices

So i visited stromlo and managed to slice another supersonic rear tyre. Nothing new to be honest and something that i was expecting to come up. I have backup tyres and that’s all great but i am giving a little thought into the tyre choices because single handedly they change the feel of the bikes completely.

The problem i tend to have is i end up setting both bikes up similarly because i expect them to ride every trail. I ride the mojo on xc courses as well as the more rugged courses and as such i always end up compromising. To this point it has made the ibis mojo seem less useful then it really is. Truth be told, the only time i really enjoyed riding the ibis was at menai. There, the bike made complete sense and pushed me to ride stuff i normally would not. At all other trails it was still great but at the back of my mind i was thinking “i have a better bike for this type of terrain”.

So what i am thinking is push the mojo down the slightly beefier build and leave the yeti similarly with improvements. This way i will have no confusion as to what the goals of each bike is and not try to cross over. This also means that i should be riding more technical courses more. Stuff like kentlyn and menai are definitely places i want to ride more often.

My choices of tyres has come down to the following so far.


Rubber Queen 2.2 front
X-king race sport 2.4 rear


X-king race sport 2.4 front
Race king race sport 2.2 rear

The ibis will slow down but the grip up technical climbs should improve markedly. Yeti wise it is just going to remain similar but hopefully slightly faster and slightly grippier.

I have not found a need to go to 1×10 yet and will keep focusing on small positional changes to see if they change the way i ride.


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2 responses to “Tyre choices

  1. I run a Nobby Nic 2.4 on the front of my Heckler and a Crossmark 2.1 on the rear. It is a great combo for pretty much anything. The NN is a fantastic lightweight big bag tyre.

    Do you have your tyres around the wrong way on the Ibis? Normally I’d like a bigger width up front..

  2. Hi Matt

    The 2.4 x-king is actually similar in width to the 2.2 RQ. Blame the tyre manufactures for vague ratings.

    The x-king is like a nobby nic and the Rubberqueen would be like a fat albert in schwalbes range? Thats why i wanted more outright grip at the front. I have seen 2.4 nobby nics and they are monsterously huge. Id say the 2.4 x-king is pretty similar in width to that!

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