My bikes – Cannondale Rush

Looking at some older photos yesterday i thought i’d do a write up as to the most important bikes i have owned and how they have effected/changed me.

Cannondale Rush

This bike was purchased as a complete before it got stripped down and built up. It is the first bike i built and i learnt how to basically work with bikes. I also learnt how much of a pain Cannondales system integration is to work with.

I built the bike with xtr *my childhood dream* and everything went alright apart from the kcnc crankset. For some reason the kcnc weight weenie crankset i had was spaced differently and that meant dropping the chain would get it stuck between the pivot bolts on the Cannondale and the chainrings. Not cool on the trail. I experimented with a wide variety of bottom bracket spacing to no avail. This also made me appreciate how good hollowtech was. I dislike isis BB’s.

The rush was also where i learnt that wider bars = more control and confidence. Now i run 685mm handlebars on all my bikes. To think i ran a 560mm flat bar on the bike at one stage and wondered why i wasn’t confident. Well, that and my lack of skills. I also tried maxxis flyweight 300g tyres on the rush. Pure stupidity rubberised. I am sure some xc god/goddess can ride it but given preference i am pretty sure they wont ride it too.

The rush was a fast bike. The reason for that is half good and half bad. The good part is the bike was light at around 11kg. The bad was the suspension was wacky. The float r rear shock had compression constantly turned on with no way to switch off. What this means is it has propedal on at all times. Not only that, the shock came factory tuned with the highest compression setting. IE propedal level 3. The rear shock felt the same no matter how long i experimented with the shock pressure. The front lefty fork was set completely wrong for my weight. Some lefty forks are airsprung so you could adjust pressure with an airpump but mine was an air/coil combo. Again, no matter how low i went with the air pressure it was still over sprung for my weight.

At this point i was a little fed up with the whole lefty thing. I wanted to change but there was simply no feasible way to do it. Changing to a conventional fork would require changing wheelsets/fork/headset. Quite costly. Finally, i decided to put the frame/fork/wheelset up for sale. Luckly for me, someone wanted it all. Easy sell.

I did learn how to ride spd’s on this bike. I tried crankbrothers egg beaters *partly out of pron factor* right after i built the bike and i stacked lots. I went back to platforms and after about half a year i dabbled with spds again. This time i used xtr’s. After much research i realised that xtr’s tension adjustment was just what i needed to ease myself into the world of spds. The xtr’s did exactly that. That isn’t to say the world of spd’s was an easy transition though. I still crashed regularly. I remember the night before riding Appin for the first time on spds. I was so anxious i wasn’t able to sleep all that much.

So if anything the Cannondale taught me a great deal about bikes in general. It reignited my love for bikes and it was like a childhood dream come true with all the modding and tweaking and testing i did on it. Learning spd’s would prove invaluable and did i mention someone with the name of Jessica Alba posed with the bike? No really 😉

its photoshopped if you haven’t figured it out by now


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2 responses to “My bikes – Cannondale Rush

  1. I still want a C’dale. None of the dualies though, a good light hardtail with a lefty would be dream 🙂

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