I’ve had my Blackburn airtower 1 pump for around 3 years now and lately the chuck is refusing to hold pressure. This results in all sorts of issues that is ultra ultra frustrating. Filling up mtb tyres to 20psi is fine but filling the roadie tyres to 100psi requires 2 people. Even then it would leak like a *insert metaphor here*.

I had a look online and surely enough there was a rebuild kit but to be honest, i wasn’t all that keen to spend $20 on a rebuild kit to rebuild a $30 pump. So you can imagine my happiness when Ley secretly ordered a pump for me for my early vday present. Use able and functional vday presents? That is my kind of present! I was greeted by a nice Lezyne cnc floor drive pump which is freaking hot. Kept staring at it for a while and decided to test it on the bmc. The chuck screwed on perfectly fine and i enjoyed the bliss of not having to worry about the head blowing off or racing the leak as the pressure gets higher. Life should be like this. The only thing to be careful with is removable valve cores. I’ve had experiences with schreader->presta converters unscrewing the valve cores when i use the air compressors at servos and the trick is to use pliers to do up your valve cores so only an abnormal amount of force can undo them.

One thing i have wanted to test was the pressure gauge. The pressure gauge on the blackburn is useless. Not only does it go up in weird increments it was also inaccurate to around 10psi’s. I pumped the bmc tyres up to 100psi and then measured with the digital tyre gauge and got a super close reading of 102psi. This should stream line the process of prepping the bike quite a bit as i really wouldn’t need to double check with my digital pressure gauge any more! It was an expensive pump but if it lasts, it should definitely be worth it! If you are a girl and you want to spoil your partner who rides get em a nice pump 🙂


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  1. TOU93

    My one is Red 🙂

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