Strict parenting?

Was your parents strict when it came to parenting you? Mine was. Try 2-3 hours of piano practice everyday and when it was holidays 3-4 hours. Try that along with 3 days of extra Sunday school that actually occurred on Friday/Saturdays too. Try that along with the extra home work generated by everything together. Still, we Asians take it like champs. We are so accustomed to it all that it’s just normal for us.

Yesterday, i saw this article and it definitely jolted some old memories. The article was definitely on the more extreme side of things but it did contain some valid points which is a good insight to asian parents. I love the responses that the article has garnered because like the original author of the article i do honestly believe that asian parenting is something left best to asians. Westerners would honestly be dialling the anti abuse child care society if they see some of the stuff we see.

Have a read and see a very different perspective on how some kids are brought up. I would say water it down about 30-40% and you would get a fair understanding of the majority of asian parents.


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4 responses to “Strict parenting?

  1. Nam

    I was definitely a product of strict Asian type of parenting. Three kids with uni degrees and excluding one with a PhD and another with a CA (chartered accountant) is not a bad record I must say and very hard to argue against. But then again, the measure of a person is not calculated by how many achievements one has, this can be argued back and forth I guess.

    There are definitely pros and cons to this method and after undergoing it myself, although there are elements I would retain for my own kids, there are also others I will leave out lol. I have seen for myself where strict parenting has produced the opposite outcomes so although the parent’s role is hugely critical, the individual child itself accounts for a lot of their own success and achievement.

  2. Brad

    There is a ig difference also in what is acceptable in todays society.

    Back when you were being brought up it was called discipline, now its called child abuse :o(

  3. Liz

    Pros and cons indeed – I was not pushed at a child at all. In fact, they were much the opposite – they were okay with me only studying 4 subjects over years 11 & 12 (only the ones I was interested in) – which made me ineligible to obtain a university score.

    I read that article too, and it made me wonder if I would have achieved more (and be more focused ‘career wise’) if they had applied more pressure to me.

    Of course, the ‘Western’ response to that kind of pressure is to tell your parents to f*#! off – whereas I think ‘Asian’ kids have too much respect for their parents to do that.

    • Life is life. There are many asian’s that end up not doing so well too. I reckon it does have a lot to do with individual personalities and other upbringingish stuff. I don’t know if asian kids have more respect for their parents. I reckon when humans are cornered like that none of them respond too favorably. I despised my parents sometimes too. Due to my personality though i can’t really hold a grudge with anyone too easily. Of course as time past i understood what they did in the past was in my best interest. Right now i only think the highest of my parents.

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