10 minutes with a niner

You can only ascertain so much in 10 minutes but it certainly helps when its on a very familiar trail.

1. I have being on 3 29er bikes now and the feeling i always get is i am pretty comfy position wise on them. I always feel like i am inside the bike instead of sitting ontop of one. I think it is due to the fact that i am closer to the wheels on a 29er bike. I can get the same feeling on 26er bikes by usually dropping the seatpost to less than optimum height. Makes me feel “inside” the bike too.

2. They have this weird tendency in regards to steering. On a 26er bike i feel like the motion between when you first shift your weight until the point you exit the corner is pretty linear ie you are steering all the way through the corner. On a 29er, it feels like you only need to tip it in. Once you tip it in right it will just follow that arc. Even on a super responsive race 29er rigid the steering is definitely duller than equivalent bikes in 26er range. This is however a good characteristic i reckon if you aren’t 100% xc gods/goddesses.

3. They rolled better when i paid attention to it rolling. I noticed it most when i wasn’t pedalling much at all and just coasting. When i wasn’t paying attention it was unnoticeable.

4. I didn’t really find the 29er bike rolled over things better. However this could most likely be due to the fact the bike is a rigid.

Obviously a very “shallow” list but out of all of them i reckon point 1 is pretty cool. Having that sitting in the bike feeling is cool! I will however be able to recreate that feeling and a little more when i have my dropper posts 🙂



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