Back in service

Woke up this morning and decided to sort out all the tyre issues. Put the mojo on the stand and stripped off the rear wheel and went to work. You might have previously noticed a post in regards to new rubber. In that post i stated i was excited with the new race sport line of tyres from continental. Well, i have experience with them now and here is what i think.

My plan was to use co2 canisters to seat the beads on the tyres first before removing the valve cores and injecting sealant in. This way there would be no mess and no fuss. The first rim was the dt swiss xr400. It was paired with a 2.4 X-king race sport and i noticed that it went on relatively easily. Almost too easy for a proper tubeless seat. I used the c02 on that combo and it didn’t succeed in popping the bead. I then took off the yeti’s rear wheel which is a stans no tubes alpine and went on to mate it with a 2.2 X-king race sport using the same co2 canister technique. Fitting this tyre alone made me 95% sure that it would seat first go. Sure enough, one c02 canister and it was set. Perfect.

At this point i thought, Ok, it must be a rim thing. No tubes rims which is tubeless compatible must be why the X-king 2.2’s went on so easily. This however was not the case as the X-king 2.4’s had trouble on the no tubes rims too. It seamed to me that the bead wasn’t as tight and the bigger volume in the tyre must have being the difference between why the 2.2’s seated and why the 2.4’s did not seat.

Since plan 1 failed, i resorted to my tried and true tested method. Squatting at the local servo. I filled up each tyre with 2 scoops of sealant and went to work. After about 10-15 minutes on each tyre and a little bit of leaking, both of them seated. This was certainly a lot faster than some of the other ghetto tubeless tyres i have done but certainly no where near the level of proper ust tyres. The tyres exhibited no leaks on the sidewalls unlike the super sonic race kings and all things point to happy times.

So in summary, race sport is not a tubeless ready bead. It is some what in between ghetto tubeless and proper tubeless. It makes the job a hell-ova easier but it still requires a little bit of coercing. The sidewalls are definitely thicker but the real test will be during riding. Hopefully these wont slash too easily!

A common sight when i have new tyres to install.


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  1. I run Stans Arch 26″ rims with a Crossmark on rear and Nobby Nic 2.4 up front. I’ve blown both tyres off under normal riding and have found that I need to run Stan’s yellow AND Olympic rim strip to get a secure fit. Having your front tyre come off on a 40km/h downhill was not something I ever want to repeat.

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