Initial impressions of X-king 2.4

I changed over from the supersonic race king 2.2’s to the X-king race sport 2.4’s recently and after two varied rides this is my limited first impressions. The bike is slower. No doubt. It isn’t too bad yet and i can still keep up with people on xcish courses like camden but it does require a lot more effort. In a lot of ways this has pitched the bike more towards its intended usage which was my aim in the first place.

Grip wise, it is better than the race kings too *duh*. Body positioning over tech climbs still make the biggest difference in traction control but seated climbing over rough/loose rocks definitely tracks better.

The biggest difference is from the added solidness of the tyre. The race king supersonics previously had an ultra thin sidewall. What this translated into was comfort but also a fair amount of squirm whenever you were applying power/moving aruond on the bike. When you are banging into rocks it feels a little like the rear tyre is twisting *which is exactly what it is doing*. With the new x-kings the rear tyre deforms less sideways and there for feels like it is more solid. The feeling i get from this is a more solid rear end.

Along with a planned 50mm stem *down from 70mm* and the adjustable seat post the mojo is definitely going to transform in feel.


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