Introducing my new office chair

At least the mechanism. The aim of the seat post is to bring more fun to riding and maybe even a slightly different riding style? Who knows, time will tell!

Pretty intricate details

Remote reservoir

Yes, it will fit on my MOJO! This was primary concern as my mojo doesn’t have the longest amount of exposed seatpost. According to this though it will be perfectly fine! 170mm from middle of saddle rail to collar.

No side to side play at all out of the box. Nicely lubed up and quality cncing inspires durability but eventually i know i will have to service/rebuild the shock. Had a quick read through the manuals and it does not seem hard to do. Before you guys chime in and say a remote model would be better, i have the remote kits coming too. The only problem is the remote kit i have are also a colour kit as well. It changes all that bling red stuff over to black. The only problem i can foresee atm is the red collar. There is no way to exchange that unless you take the whole seat post apart. Probably cant be bothered to do it straight away and will swap it over during routine maintenance or something.


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