A while has past since i have last visited this trail. It has gone even more awesome! It isn’t as tech as i remember it out to be though. I think it is just the DH sections of the trail that is technical. Menai definitely rates higher in terms of technicality if you do not count in some of the DH stuff. It does have a few good tech climbs that needs a bit of effort to get up though!

The extended rock trail is super impressive/fun. Definitely going to be heading out to Kentlyn and Menai more now. Shame not to as they are both a shorter drive from my place. The highlight of the day however has to be two grown man screaming like girls every time they ran into spider webs which was quite often. I had so much spider webs on my skin that even after shower they were still partially there!

Here is a rare vid of me riding the “bucket climb” taken by Jarod.

Here is a gopro vid i took that will give you an idea of what Kentlyn is like.


Long way to go

for cyclist’s in Sydney to gain acceptance that is needed for a safe commute. For now, try and incorporate as much cycle path into your ride as possible. Judging from the comments on this guys youtube videos that dream of a society that accepts bikes is still a long way away.


Yeti suspension setup

I have being trying something on my Yeti’s suspension for awhile now. I haven’t really documented it because i kinda wanted to see if it would work and if it didn’t i wouldn’t have to embarrass myself :p

Fox and many suspension fork recommends a sag setting of 20-30%. Depending on your preference most suspension fork’s will be set around that threshold. My sag is 18mm. 18mm out of a 120mm fork so that is 15%. It is definitely on the low low low side of things but there is a reason why i wanted to try it this way.

Usually i run 30% of sag on all my forks because i value small bump compliance a lot. I feel that small bump compliance is super important because it allows the suspension to ignore many of the smaller trail chatter as you focus on the bigger stuff. I make it a rule to focus on tuning in an acceptable amount of small bump compliance before i even bother with anything else. However i had a thought to try different settings just to mix it up and i think in this case it has paid off. I have always heard that the faster you go the more stiffer of a suspension setup you will need. It made good sense to me because the faster you ran into rocks and stuff the more force you would be generating and hence why the suspension need to be stiffened up.

Usually i have expressed that through a longer rock garden my fork’s felt like it was getting overwhelmed. Checking over my rebound settings and finding it to be fine i decided to give that theory a practical workout. I pumped up the fork a bit and went for a lap of MD straight away to test it all out. To my surprise the small bump compliance didn’t suffer much at all. I mean, it wasn’t as smooth but it was far from shockingly bad. So i got out my shock pump and pumped a little more pressure in. 18mm of sag is what has resulted from me pumping more pressure in and i have ran it at this setting for 1-2 months now and i have to say i like it a lot.

For some reason even at 18mm of sag the fork is still coping with small bump’s fine. Its not as smooth as 30mm of sag but it is definitely more than acceptable. I don’t know if it is just this fork or if it is the kashima or whatever, frankly i dont really care. I am just happy that it feels good. So has the increased pressure helped on the faster/rougher stuff? You bet your ass it has. The fork gets overwhelmed less and it has more travel left for the entirety of the rock garden. A real simple test i did was simply to try a lower pressure on a certain section and then pump the fork up and try the same section again. Check the o-ring on the stanchions and you can get a good gauge of how much travel was used. On the 30% of sag setting i was seeing 110mm out of 120mm of total travel getting used. As soon as i went to 15% of sag i saw that on the same section i was only using 90mm out of 120mm of total travel. It felt noticeably better, more controlled and just generally safer. Mission accomplished.

But that isn’t all. As a side effect of increasing the pressure the front end of the bike has gotten rid of any wallowy feeling it had previously. In certain situations i would feel a lot of wallow in the fork at 30% sag and that was unsettling. You don’t need unnecessary travel at moments where it isn’t beneficial. As an extra bonus the bike also became more predicatable and poppable when lifting the front up. Helps a lot with jumps/lifting the front on ledges and etc.

I am not sure if i can replicate this setup on other bikes or even forks. I might choose to run 15% of sag on other forks and find that the small bump compliance is completely unacceptable but so far on this bike it has seemed to work fine? On top of it all i have realised that once again trying different things is key to finding a setup that works for you. Chances are that you set your shock pressures near the start of your bikes life and has since left it dormant. Sometimes you change your style of riding and at other times you simply ride the bike differently after its initial break in period and you want to make sure you are getting the best for your buck with your ideal set up! Don’t get lazy next time and when you ride by yourself bring a shock pump and just try different settings. The worst you could do is have it running similarly to before! You never know, a simple shock pressure change could be the catalyst to you riding completely differently.

Yet another fine morning

Headed to one of the best trails this morning for some decent riding. Managed to meet up with 5-6 riders and we had plenty of fun. Appin has gone rougher yet again and it was interesting sniffing out the best lines all over again. Maybe i ride Appin quite a bit but it is an interesting case to the ever changing trails that we ride. NO trail will ever stay the same for an extended period of time. They often evolve just like everything else in this sport. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.

There is no doubts now. The X-king 2.4 up front definitely offers better grip compared to the 2.4 supersonic MK i was running previously. However, they seem super super sensitive to pressure. I usually pump up the tyres to 20psi and they feel pretty hard. After 10 minutes into a ride i notice that they would soften up quite a bit. Around the 17-18psi mark is when they start feeling amazing. Not sure if i want to run pressure as low as that even though i am light. I have also added 3 cups of sealant in the tyres but it doens’t seem to be stopping it leaking that first initial burst of air. Weird.

Off to re-test my sag to see how i am doing suspension setting wise. Thanks for the ride guys! Cliffy slept in. That is all.


This kinda reminds me of the incident with Matt when i gave Clifton the finger at Stromlo HAHAHHAHAHA

Except, id like to think we dealt with it a little better.

Perfect weather

Popped down to Loftus this morning with Timmy and Clifton and was rewarded by what must be the best weather we have had this year. Perfect blue skies along with a crispy breeze providing just the right amount of coolness. The birds were out and we had the whole trail to ourself. Awesome start to a day. Has also being a long time since i rode with Timmy and Clifton alone. Reminds me of old times. Even though they are young, they have definitely grown up a fair bit since i met them some 2-3 years ago. On the way back to the carpark i saw all of our cars lined up with bike racks and i just had a flash back of when we used to take my car to go ride. Growing up indeed.


An average ride in emoticons

Early waking up = (-.-)zzZZ
Morning dump = O_O
Eating bland cereal = 😐
Rolling out for the first coupla minutes = 🙂
Weather is going to stay fine after previous nights storm forecast scare = 😀
Meeting up with friends along the way = (^-^)
Friends pushing a pace you dislike = -_-
Regrouping at a stop = 🙂
Consuming some gel = >.<
Getting to the top of a climb first = 😀
Getting a bit hairy on the steep descent = O_o
Time to ride back home = 🙂
Puncture = 😦
Using your crappy pump = >:|
So tired and you pop a gel = 😀
10 minutes later = 😦
Getting home = 🙂
Shower + refresh = 😀
Admiring your bike = :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Yesterday nights roadie ride

Rode 60/65kmish yesterday and is loving the weather. How good is the cold breeze keeping you just right? I still have a bit of fiddling around to do before i start riding more serious routes. I have a faint suspicion it could be much better than it already is. Next ride i will take the time to muck around with handlebar heights/saddle positioning/tilt just for the sake of it. I raised the saddle again and to my surprise it still felt fine? Is my legs growing longer or some crap? LOL

On the way home from SOP i kept thinking about meetfresh deserts so when i promptly got home i ate and showered and headed out to the city to kill the craving. Ahhh what a productive night :p

I am not too happy with the flite saddle though. It is no where near as comfy as my old prologo. Not surprising as the old prologo had so much more cushioning. Some people’s ass is good with thin saddles, i am finding out that my ass isn’t one of those.


There are many disasters in the world. Whether it’s war or natural they are a curse of humanity. I don’t pretend to be a great humanitarian but the latest Christchurch disaster has moved me a fair bit. I don’t quite know why but it has. I know there has being other disasters of equal or greater magnitude compared to Christchurch but as i stare at the pictures below, i can’t help but feel an empty sadness. Hope the casualties stay low and everyone stays strong over there.