It frustrates me to no end people who cannot open a car door without smashing it into another cars side. The lack of consideration and respect for other peoples properties is pretty damn high on my list of disliked things. Usually though, these problems can be avoided by parking smartly in carparks. Park next to poles for instance or park far away from the car next to you. Sometimes though, you just cant avoid it. Take for example this. You have a neighbour who shares the same drive way as you. You have made it known repeatedly that their doors are smashing and denting and scratching cars we have parked on our side of the driveway. Yet, it still continues. What can you do? Well in my case it made me want to ride my bike to work. I get my training in and i save myself like 50 cents each day in petrol :p ANDDDDDDDDD i avoid the chance of the fucking retards damaging my possessions because they lack brain cell.

I know i won’t be able to commute everyday. There will be rainy days and there will be days when i am lazy but the less i drive in the better off i will be in pretty much all facets.

I looked through my parts bin and realised that it could just muster up a commuter bike. Riding the BMC is always possible and i might do so from time to time but the fact of the matter is it is a little too precious to do that. All it takes is one swipe of the door from a careless driver and there goes the BMC. Try and subsequently explain to them that they should pay you $10000 for the replacement cost of the bike. Hence, i am building up a cheapo commuter that i will leave on the terrace and not have to worry about it. It will have to be reliable and it will have to be sturdy. I am going to stop here because my attention span has kinda stopped and i will detail the commuter in my next post :p

Edit :: i am still scratching my head to figure out why my highest traffic days are when i don’t post anything at all??!!


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