Surly cross-check

  • Surly cross-check frameset
  • Some cheapo headset
  • Shimano R500 clincher wheelset
  • Fuji 110mm stem/sunline xc1 90mm stem
  • Fuji white drop bar
  • Fizik Arione saddle
  • Ritchey heavyasabrick seatpost
  • Sram Omnium polished crankset
  • Chris King rear cog
  • Sram s500 brake levers
  • Froggleggs canti brakes
  • Shimano m520 pedals
  • Conti cyclocross 35c tyres

Thats the build of my commuter. Many things can change and will change and that is the versatile part of the frame. I might run it racked or i might just carry a backpack *or both*. I might also change the cx tyres for 35c slicks and i might or might not install a front basket.

The shortest route to work is 11km’s and it will take me around 20-30 minutes depending on various different aspects. I have already routed 50km routes and will be taking them from time to time. Most of the routes are typical inner city roads that sees fairly flat terrain so SS doesn’t really worry me at all. I will wake up each day and depending on how i feel and how early i wake up i might take the express route or the not so express route. No schedules, just how i feel that morning. A little rain is fine. A lot of rain is also fine. The hardest part of commuting is actually figuring out the logistics of a change of clothes at work. Most likely going to leave a pair of shoes permanently at work and figure everything else out as i go.

I can’t wait!

In other news, bikemap is the most awesomest. It has a function to display cyclemaps and it is by far the best thing to planning routes on the often confusing sydney roads. There were many sections i have ridden previously but have being unable to link through but with the suggestion of bikemap i have figured out good ways to link them together. On top of all that they also have a mobile page where one can access it on their Internet capable phone so you will never ever get lost.


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2 responses to “Surly cross-check

  1. I have a locker. It has shoes, shower stuff and a shirt or two. I also keep at my desk backup undies, socks, jeans and t-shirt in case I forget locker key (it has happened!). Towel sits on towel rack. also has lots of commuting routes.

    • I kinda didn’t want to post this incase i scare my customers off but because we are a small shop we dont have a shower. So….i am going to rely on my deodorant quite a bit… hahaha

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