Who remembers this?

The other day, i opened my browser (chrome) and found the app store. I am not sure why but the mario icon on the side grabbed my attention. Soon after i had installed “mario cross over” and was loading it up with all its midi soundtrack goodness. Ahhh that brings me back, except, this was different? Huh? Contra? Megaman?

The game allows you to use famous nintendo characters and play through mario levels. The reproduction is flawless and you would swear that it was professionally done. Honestly so fun.

This inspired me to look up contra again as it was one of the most played games of my childhood. Loading up levels on youtube i was reminded of each stage and how awesome was the music?

Level 1 was pretty easy. I hated those turrets at the bottom of the bridge though.

When i first played this level it was revolutionary. It was the first 3dish perspective that i remember.

The waterfall stage was pretty fun too. Except for when you had a team mate and they jumped up and forced the level to scroll too much. Was fun in itself trying to beat the other team mate up the level.

Second level ver2 is how i would describe this stage.

I loved the music on stage 5 (snow stage) but hated those snow plow vehicles. Easy with spread shot but much harder with white pea shooter gun.

This is when the levels became hard as a kid at least. By this moment, your life would be pretty sparingly low and you couldn’t make too much mistakes. Ive being killed by those overhead lasers more than i can count.

Pretty happy if i got to this level. I hated how you would jump on one of those mining carts and it will send you under those claws.

I dimly remember this level mostly because i have not finished the game all that many times. Still, i do remmeber beating the boss on odd occasions here and there. Those freaking eye things that spew out white stuff is freaking annoying.

So good. There will be other games but non will be remembered like the original contra.

Edit :: play contra on your browser here 😛 http://nintendo8.com/game/60/contra/#


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