Just cranks missing now. Kev reminded me of my need for a decent hacksaw as spending 1hr cutting a bit of the steerer off is pretty stupid. He says, it takes his saw 2 minutes to cut through a steerer. If that isn’t envy i am feeling i don’t know what it is. I also recieved a dakine session backpack for my bday and i am loving dakine’s packs. They just seem to make sense. A lot of useful storage compartments but not as big as the dakine nomad i have so it should be good for weekly rides. I also have a 50mm stem for the mojo now which means i will be trying the 70mm stem on the yeti. I hope it will make the yeti even MORE fun then it already is.

There is this new asian desert place that has opened up. Meet fresh. Nice generous serving for $5.50 and includes all the stuff asians love. I went for the herbal jelly signature special and i have to say it was pretty damn good. The black stuff you see is herbal jelly *duh* layered by some ice down the bottom of it all. Those white chewy bits are handmade taro whilst the orange ones are handmade sweet potato stuff. Super nice. Highly recommended if you don’t mind having desert that looks like medicine.


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