Surly will be ready next week

Why the long delay? I need some extra items. First of all is the cantilever brake hanger for the front brakes. Without that i cannot route the front brakes. Secondly is the chain. I have a red 1/8 chain but thats pretty damn ghastly so i spent $12 and got myself another silver 1/8 chain. I am hoping the the 1/8 chain plays well with the CK cog. From accounts it should work fine but will be loud. I am fine with a little bit of noise. I also need to sort the issue out in regards to cantilever brakes. For those of you that haven’t followed my post on bmu the cantilever brakes have play in them which is obviously troubling. Have being spending a bit of time troubleshooting and getting to the root of the problem and i am pretty close. After playing with it a little more i noticed one caliper did not have any play at all on the bosses. The rear right caliper.

So i took the bolt off both the back brakes and noticed that the stud on the left brake (the one with play) sticks out more by maybe like 1mm or something.

I took both calipers to work today and used a vernier caliper on it and it looks like they are fairly similar. I will measure the canti bosses again tonight and figure out if its the bosses thats uneven. If it is i will just file it i reckon it only need a small amount of filing.

This is how the bike is sitting atm


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